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2017 3rd UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards

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Architecture and Children

The UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme announces the results of the 2017 3rd UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards.


The UIA Architecture and Children Work Programme announces the results of the 2017 3rd UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards.

The UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cubes Awards were founded to honour people and organizations that help children and young people to understand architecture. Entrants made submissions describing activities or products designed to teach children and young people to understand architectural design and the processes by which our environment is formed.

The International Jury met on April 6 & 7 2017 to evaluate the best national nominated entries and select one in each category for an Award. The jury also selected three additional entries for Special Mention.
The Jury was impressed by the range of projects and products presented and the great work done by individuals and by organisations of all sizes from all over the World.


The Awards and special mentions will be formally presented on 6 September 2017 at the Official UIA Award Ceremony in Seoul during the 26th UIA Congress of Architecture.

International Award Winners, Special Mentions and all of the 51 best National Nominations projects will be on UIA WP Architecture & Children Exhibition Stand at the UIA Congress in September 2017 in Seoul Korea where we hope to welcome you.

UIA WP Architecture & Children also invites you at our Conference/Forum:
„ Architectural awareness for children & young people, a shared responsibility. Key actors involved in education. “ It will take place during the UIA Congress in Seoul, Tuesday 5th of September 2017 from 11am to 1pm.



Following a national selection process, 23 countries submitted their nominations to an International Jury in four categories - Schools, Institutions, Written Media and Audio- Visual Media.
 51 National best nominations were send to UIA, there were 13 entries in Schools category, 19 entries in Institution category, 10 in Written Media category and 9 in Audio and visual category.


The International Jury has selected the following winners:

Schools Golden Cubes Award:

Entrant N° 33 Sweden “Children Encounters with their City”. Djaknebergets Preschool

Jury’s comment: “A very open project with diverse and varied activities in connection with the real world. Project strategies can be developed into a more abstract educational model for other age groups”.


Institutions Golden Cubes Award: 

Entrant N°24 France “ ̈The Reinvented City / minicitylab”. Territoires Pionniers (pioneer territories) House of Architecture of Normandy.

Jury’s comment: ”The minicitylab is an example to learn from. It involves the children in a process of revitalization of national soul. It highlights specific characteristics of architecture and urban design. This model can be adopted by municipalities all over the world”.

Special Mention: Entrant N°14 Columbia “Children: their relationship with architecture and with the city in Cartagena of the Indies (Research Project). ARKalamar: children, architecture, city and play”. University of Bogota.Jorge Taoko Lozano, Caribbean Campus UJTL –SC.

Jury’s comment: ”An attempt to tackle Architecture and Children by considering children’s sensory and conceptual experiences; from their own bodies to their everyday life, and beyond. A very interesting research that opens possibilities for pedagogical innovation in built environment education”.


Written media Golden Cubes Award: 

Entrant N° 14 France “Basic Space”. EXTRA.

Jury’s comment: ”The modules introduce the concept of space for young children in a playful manner. It is very flexible, it encourages imagination and exploration. A great educational tool”.

Special Mention: Entrant N°40 Egypt “Know Your Country”. Master Crafter.

Jury’s comment: ”An emotional handmade project with sensory experiences. It provides a beautiful combination of architecture, history and culture”.


Audio visual media Golden Cubes Award: 

Entrant N°48 Germany “The Sound of Munich “ Discovering the City –Radio Project Sport trifft Kunst e.V.

Jury’s comment: ”An original and inspirational approach for socio-cultural inclusion through built environment education. The subject matter of this multilayered project is of increasing actuality nowadays”.

Special Mention: Entrant N°25 France Archip’tits / Artplatform

Jury’s comment: ”Interesting modules of edutainment resources; provide children with multiple opportunities to explore and express themselves through architecture”.









The international jury members:

Heike FREIRE - Education Specialist, psychologist, philosopher & writer

Behiç AK - Media specialist, cartoonist, writer

Ewa STRUZYNSKA - Architect, Director UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme

Heba SAFEY ELDEEN - Architect, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme

Magdalina RAJEVA - Architect, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme

Junko TAGUSHI - Architect, UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme




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  • 06 Sep 2017
    Award Ceremony