International Union of Architects

International Professional Ideas Competition for the Memorial site at Babyn Yar



Ecumenical space of reconciliation


The international jury for the open, international ideas competition for the “holistic structuring and integration of a historical and memorial area” at Babyn Yar in Kyiv, Ukraine has decided by unanimous vote to award two second prizes to the two entries that best addressed the main issues stated in the brief, combining and dividing equally the prize money for the first and second prizes.


The competition was conducted with the endorsement from the International Union of Architects and according to the UNESCO Regulations for International Competitions. French landscape architect Olivier Philippe, with Swiss landscape architect David Bosshard as alternate juror, represented the UIA on the jury.


The work submitted by Slovenian team composed of architects Jana PetrovoićNejc LebarMaja Valentić and Miloš Kosec was awarded second prize for suggesting “a clear, simple and site specific concept” which “respects the freedom of all visitors to the park to experience the grounds on their terms while creating a powerful gesture that encourages the dialogue with the past.”


A second prize was also attributed to Connatural SAS, led by architect Edgar Ignacio Mazo Zapata (Colombia) and landscape architect Glenn Pouliquen (France). The team was praised for its successful “strategy for integrating the layers of remembrance with the everyday use of the park.”


32 designs from competitors from 15 countries around the world were submitted to the competition.  Although the jury was impressed by the subtlety of the solutions proposed for such a complex site, it determined that no one entry responded to the questions in a comprehensive way and all winning projects left unanswered questions. 



The competition will be followed by an exhibition, “Babyn Yar: The Memory Against the Historical Background”, open from 15 September to 1 October 2016.   The awards ceremony and presentation of the winning projects will be held on 28 September 2016.


Ukrainian Jewish Encounter - UJE


2nd Prize

  • Jana PetrovoićNejc LebarMaja Valentić and Miloš Kosec (Slovenia)
  • Connatural SASEdgar Ignacio Mazo Zapata (Colombia) and Glenn Pouliquen (France)


3rd Prize

  • Miriam Gusevich (USA) Jay Kabriel (USA) and Peter Miles (USA)


4th Prize

  • Ieva Baranauskaite and Yang Wang (Denmark)


5th Prize

  • Next Space, composed of Valentyn LlvarovDmytro KazakovIevgenii KolmakovIryna Chaus and Olga Virchenko (Ukrainia)


6th Prize

  • Project Office “CIM”, composed of Goy Bohdan VolodymyrovychMykhailo Kohut and Yulia Minko(Ukrainia)


7th Prize


  • Swarnabh Ghosh (India), Khyati Saraf (USA) and Craig Rosman (USA).

The international jury was composed of:

  • Barbara Aronson, Israel, urban planner and landscape architect
  • Marti Franch Batllori, Spain, Landscape architect
  • Dr. Markus Jatsch, United Kingom, architect
  • Jörg Michel, Germany, landscape architect
  • Jimmy Norrman, Sweden, landscape architect
  • Serhiy Tselovalnyk, Ukraine, Chief Architect from the City of Kiev
  • Olivier Philippe, France, representing the UIA
  • doctor Vladyslav Hrynevych, Ukraine, historian, political scientist
  • doctor Dieter Pohl, Germany, historian
  • Professor James E. Young, USA, historian
  • 09 Jun 2016
  • 28 Sep 2016
    Award Ceremony