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UNESCO-UIA & MIDO Student Design Prize for Responsible Architecture: 3 awarded schools

Responsible Architecture

Student Prize

The Education Commission of the International Union of Architects (UIA) is pleased to announce the 1st UNESCO-UIA & MIDO Student Design Prize for Responsible Architecture for the 2015-2017 triennium.


On 20 April 2017, the international jury determined the winners of the first edition of the UNESCO-UIA & MIDO Design Prize for Responsible Architecture, open only to students from schools validated by the UNESCO-UIA system. The Jury meeting was organized in conjunction with the meeting of the UIA’s Education Commission at the UIA’s headquarters in Paris from 19-20 April.

Founded to promote the UNESCO-UIA validated schools and the UNESCO-UIA Validation System, the prize sought to recognize entries best exemplifying the values embodied in Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda” of 10 September 2016, namely “urban and rural development that is people-centred”, ecological and grounded in “human rights and fundamental freedoms, facilitating living together, ending all forms of discrimination and violence, and empowering all individuals and communities, while enabling their full and meaningful participation.”


Mélanie Berberat, representative from prize sponsor MIDO, witnessed the proceedings. MIDO will contribute specially engraved watches and 5000 Swiss Francs in prize money to the winners.





The high level of the entries impressed the Jury. It attributed two First Prizes, one Third Prize and one Honourable Mention.




FIRST PRIZE - 908CY - Anthro-Architecture: The Mountains of Mansheyat-Nasser

Heba El Sawy, American University in Cairo

"For the originality of the choice of place, program and design process and for its artistic and poetic dimension."

FIRST PRIZE - SO8HX - Edges, Satellites, Stations

Alba Alsina Maqueda, ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture

"For the attention to the geography of place, translating holistic information into a subtle and transmittable design process."

THIRD PRIZE - BHSOP - People in Motion: In-Transit Architecture for New Production Backgrounds

Mónica Sambade Martínez, ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture

"For the dealing with social and cultural problems by architectural and engineering means, proposing a scalable design solution."

HONORABLE MENTION - A3AHV - Asanpasa Gasworks

Pınar Kılıç, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul

"For dealing with context and pre-existing structure and for adaptively usable urban quality."




The Jury consisted of Jury President Jana Revedin (Germany), UNESCO Representative on the UNESCO/UIA Validation Council for architectural education, which included co-director Kate Schwennsen  (USA) and members Fani Vavili (Greece), Vladimir Slapeta (Czech Republic), Nuno Soares (Macao), Vity Claude Nsalambi (Angola) and Rodney Harber (South Africa).