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International competitions commission

Through its advisory role, the International Union of Architects guarantees the prestige of international competitions such as those that led to the construction of contemporary landmark buildings like the Sydney Opera House, Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Tokyo International Forum, and the Alexandria Library in Egypt.

Drawn up jointly by UNESCO and the UIA and approved by the UNESCO General Conference, the UNESCO-UIA Regulations for International Competitions outline the conditions required to run an international architectural competition and specify the respective rights and obligations of promoters and competitors. The UIA is the sole body mandated by UNESCO to oversee the application of these rules  and to approve competitions organised according to them.

Reference documents
Activity Report 2020: International Competitions Commission
ACE-UIA Declaration on Design Competitions

  • Jerzy Grochulski - Poland
    Jerzy Grochulski is a professor in the Warsaw School of Technology's architecture department. He is the director and partner of the PRO-ARTE11 architectural studio that specialises in sports facilities, schools, public and residential buildings and places of worship. He served as president of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) from 2006-2012, Secretary General (1994-2006) and is currently Vice-President. He has acted as Co-Director of the UIA's International Competitions Commission (ICC) since 2015.
  • Regina Gonthier - Switzerland
    Regina Gonthier studied architecture at the Federal Insitute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich where she taught later as an invited professor. She is a practicing architect with her own office in Bern and has participated in many competitions as competitor or jury member. She is President of the Swiss Conference of Architects (CSA) and was for many years the Vice-President of the Swiss Competition Commission and Member of the Architects' Council of Europe (ACE).

  • Paula Huotelin - Finland
  • Pierre Sauveur - Belgium
    An architect by training, (University of Liège - 1971) Pierre Sauveur has worked in the construction, renovation and restoration of residential, office and commercial buildings. Today he devotes his time to two non-profit associations over which he presides. He developed the quarterly review "Cahier de l'Espace Public" published in Belgium, in French and Dutch. A former president of the Royal Federation of Architects of Belgium and of the National Council of the Belgian Order of Architects, he is currently a member of the UIA Competition Commission since 2014.
  • Patrick Colombier - France
  • Kyriakos Pipinis - Greece
  • Roger Schluntz - USA
  • José-Luis Cortés Delgado - Mexico
    José-Luis Cortés graduated from the Institute of Technology in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1970. He obtained his Masters in Urban Planning in Copenhagen, Denmark and from the MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. He taught urban planning at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Campus Xochimilc and at the University of Iberoamerica where he headed the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning. He was also a visiting professor in India, Japan and Sweden. José-Luis Cortés has carried out architectural and urban planning projects for many city centres in historic cities and has numerous publications on housing and urban planning. He has been officially honoured by the governments of Spain and Japan. He is the President of the Federation of Colleges of Architects of the Mexican Republic (FCARM) (2017-2018) and has been responsible for its international relations at various times.
  • Yuhang Kong - China
  • Paresh Kapadia - India
  • Byung Kil Bae - Korea
  • Ramatu Aliyu - Nigeria
  • Gad Opiyo - Kenya
  • Tibor Fatyol - Hungary

  • Istelliana Atanassova - Bulgaria
  • Seif Alnaga - Egypt
  • Man Yiu Ivan Ho - Hong Kong

General Secretariat

The UIA General Secretariat, placed under the responsibility of the Secretary General, is the Union's executive body and the administrative centre for the coordination of relations between the UIA Member Sections and their activities.

The General Secretariat assists architects and architecture students in getting into contact with professional colleagues throughout the world, from professional organisations and architectural schools to museums and media.

The General Secretariat helps architects to keep up to date with UIA activities, its partners and Member Sections.

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