International Union of Architects

2020 Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Awards

professional prize

Architecture for All

Organised by the UIA's Work Programme, Architecture for All, the Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Awards were established to promote inspiring examples of friendly and inclusive buildings and places that have created socially sustainable environments through high quality architectural design.


Coláiste Ailígh, Letterkenny, Ireland - Medal Winner 2017

McGarry Ní Éanaigh Architects, Ireland

Photo Credit Richard Hatch




Architecture for All will honour the winners of the third edition of “Friendly and Inclusive Spaces” at the official Awards Ceremony at the 27th UIA World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 19-23 July 2020.

The prize includes the following categories: 1) New Buildings, 2) Refurbished Existing Buildings, including Historic Buildings 3) Public and Open Spaces 4) Research



Built works designed by architect member(s) of a UIA Member Section that have been completed since 30 November 2016. Works may include new buildings, public places and rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of existing or historic buildings and places.

Research by an architect or architects completed since 30 November 2016 which advances the theory and practice of friendly and inclusive design.


Entry fee

Stage 1 = €50

Stage 2 = €150 for shortlisted projects

Stage 2 fee will cover cost of printing panels, shipping to Congress, mounting of exhibition & publicity, and general administration etc.



- High resolution images should be min 2MB, max 5MB

- Low resolution files should not exceed 500kb Formats accepted EPS, TIFF and JPEG

- Naming protocol for photographs : project name(photo no)photographer name.jpg e.g. Castletown(01)DavidLewis.jpg

- Text should be provided as a Word document



The submission text must be in English. Links to further information may be in the entrants’ national language. 



Launch     31.07.19

Closing date for questions     30.10.2019

Deadline for submission of entries & Stage 1 Entry Fee     30.11.2019

Shortlisted entrants will be informed by     30.01.2020

Deadline Stage 2 Entry Fee for shortlisted entries 15.02.2020

All shortlisted entrants must submit a panel in an agreed format by 30.03.2020 (template will be supplied). The panels will be printed by SARP and will be exhibited at the Congress.

Winners will be informed by 30.04.2020.

The Awards will be presented at the 27th UIA World Congress of Architecture Award Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19-23 July 2020.


For Further Information

Please see the UIA AwardForce platform.

Candidates may direct questions to Architecture for All Work Programme Co-Directors Fionnuala Rogerson and/or Krzysztof Chwalibog 

For technical questions concerning the AwardForce platform, please contact us with the subject line “Friendly and Inclusive Spaces” Awards.


A medal and up to three (3) Honourable Mentions will be presented in each of the Categories 1, 2 and 3.  

The winner of Category 4 and up to two Honourable Mentions will receive UIA Certificates.

The Jury reserves the right not to make any award if, in its opinion, no entry reaches the required standards.




Categories 1, 2 and 3 - Stage 1


Region I & V

Jane Simpson (UK)

Kathleen Polders (Belgium)

Ingeborg Stude (Germany)

Fernando Garcia Ochoa Montes (Spain)

Angela Rolfe (Ireland)


Region II

Juris Poga (Latvia)

Bolesław Stelmach (Poland)

Sotiris Papadopoulos (Greece)


Region III

Gonzalo Garcia Crispieri (Bolivia)

Antonio Carlos Moraes de Castro (Brazil)

Eduardo Elkouss (Argentina)

Augusto F. Alvarez (Mexico)

Arturo Yep Abanto (Peru)

Ron Wickman (Canada)


Region IV

Ho Kin Wai, Stephen (Hong Kong)

Allen Kong (Australia)

Kim Sung Min (Korea)

Norwina Mohd Nawawi (Malaysia)

Syed Akeel Bilgrami (Pakistan)


Categories 1, 2 and 3 - Stage 2

Vassilis Sgoutas (Greece), Jury Chairman

Siobhán Ní Éanaigh (Ireland)

Krzysztof Chwalibóg (Poland)

Fionnuala Rogerson (Ireland)

Bob Topping (Canada)

Joseph Kwan (Hong Kong)


Category 4 - Research (no second stage)

Joseph Spiteri (Malta)

Isabella Steffan (Italy)

Masashi Kajita (Denmark)

Gustavo Aguilar Montoya (Costa Rica)