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2020 UIA-HYP Cup Student Architecture Competition Launched!


Architecture in Transformation

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The UIA-HYP Cup, today in its 9th edition, is the only student architecture competition in mainland China.


The UIA has endorsed the competition since its conception in 2012.  The subject of the competition, organised annually by the School of Architecture at Tianjin University and Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine, is Architecture and Transformation, a theme which explores the tensions between architecture and the city as well as between architecture and nature in an increasingly interconnected contemporary world.


Each edition of the prize is chaired by an internationally renowned architect, who selects its specific focus. This year Wolf D. Prix, from Austria, has selected the topic “City Puzzle and Puzzle City”. Using United Nations figures stating the number of city-dwellers will rise to 75% by 2050, Prix asks students to reflect on the “increasingly alienating nature” of cities, in whose “density one finds ‘space’ but no sense of ‘place’.” Today’s city-dwellers, observe Prix, “constantly arrive ‘anywhere’, but not ‘somewhere’” and he offers young architects an opportunity to address how architects can bring meaning to the lives of inhabitants of the contemporary urban built environment.


Student participants will compete to design mixed-use buildings, integrating 30% green space, for 2,000 – 8,000 people for each of four squared plots, each plot measuring 200 meters by 200 meters. The inspiration for the competition is the Chinese city of Yangliuqing, Tianjin.




Student entrants must be enrolled in accredited architecture schools or programmes in their country of residence.






For more information, contact the organisers here  




1st Prize (1 team): Certificate and 100,000 RMB (approx.15,000 USD) (before tax)

2nd Prize (3 team): Certificate and 30,000 RMB (approx.4,500 USD) (before tax);


3rd Prize (8 team): Certificate and 10,000 RMB (approx.1,500 USD) (before tax)


Honorable Mentions (several teams): Certificate and 6-month free subscription of UED magazine

Advisors of prize-winning projects will also be awarded with certificates. 


 The jury will soon be announced.  Wolf D. Prix (Austria) is the jury chairman and Cui Kai (China) will be the UIA Representative.

  • 30 Aug 2020
  • 20 Sep 2020
    Submission deadline
  • 01 Oct 2020